1963 (1993 Mini-Series) #1-6 [SET] — Alan Moore's Comic-Book Nostalgia


1963  is a collection of six issues created by Alan Moore.

Each one focusing on the Silver Age of Comics!

Featuring original characters, though they are all an homage to Marvel characters.



Collecting the entire six-issue miniseries.



1963 (1993 mini-series) #1 (of 6)
By Alan Moore & Rick Veitch / Dave Gibbons.
Mystery Incorporated in “Mayhem On Mystery Mile!”
The first comic book in the "1963" series, this one features the introduction of "Mystery, Incorporated", a team which is analogous to the Fantastic Four, and involves the discovery of a mysterious masked intruder who invades their headquarters via an underground entrance called the "Miracle Mile".   The four have to evade their own traps to find the mysterious intruder and fellow teammate "Kid Dynamo" whom ends up missing.
1963 (1993 mini-series) #2 (of 6)
By Alan Moore & Steve Bissette / Dave Gibbons.
The Fury in “When Wakes The Were-Beast!”
"The Fury", a character who is somewhat analogous to Spider-Man, is hired to help protect the transport of a very large and mysterious crate, assisting the US Government agency "L.A.S.E.R.",  ( analogous to S.H.I.E.L.D. from Marvel), directed by the female character "Commander Solo".   The Fury encounters a villain called Voidoid while trying to protect the crate.
1963 (1993 mini-series) #3 (of 6)
By Alan Moore & Rick Veitch / Chester Brown.
Tales of the Uncanny featuring “Double-Deal in Dallas!”
Featuring two stories;  "U.S.A.", the "Ultimate Special Agent", as he is hired to impersonate Pres. Kennedy during his infamous and fatal (in our reality) motorcade in Dallas. Plus "The Hypernaut" as he is caught up in a dimensional portal and encounters alien creatures.
1963 (1993 mini-series) #4 (of 6)
By Alan Moore & Steve Bissette / John Totleben.
Tales From Beyond featuring “Showdown in the Shimmering Zone!”
Featuring two stories; "N-Man", analogous to Frankenstein's creature and The Thing but with Reed Richards' intellect, who is sent to investigate what may be an expanding dimensional rift, or type of "dimensional sinkhole" dubbed the Shimmering Zone.  Plus a second story involving yet another type of rift in time involving "Johnny Beyond" a beatnik  living in 1963, as his flat becomes a type of ground zero for a time bubble and involves his future alternate reality counterpart from 1992,  as all involved trying to determine what is happening.
1963 (1993 mini-series) #5 (of 6)
By Alan Moore & Rick Veitch / John Totleben.
Horus: Lord of Light in “Twelve Hours To Dawn!”
Featuring "Horus, Lord of Light", as he has dealings with other Egyptian mythological beings and deities from his realm. He utilizes a human guise as a Professor of Egyptology, and it is during this guise one of his students accidentally gets caught up with Horus when he transforms from his human guise back to his superhero identity. The comic is written as analogous to Thor from Marvel, with over the top "myth speak" and a Jack Kirby-esque art style.
1963 (1993 mini-series) #6 (of 6)
By Alan Moore & Rick Veitch / Dave Gibbons.
"The Tomorrow Syndicate in “From Here To Alternity”"
Featuring several characters from the entire run of the volume.  The "Tomorrow Syndicate" a superhero team somewhat analogous to The Avengers, go on a mission to find their compatriots "Mystery, Incorporated" whom are inexplicably missing.