We're a small business, without access to an automatic shipping calculator. This presents a problem for us, as we're not interested in overcharging you, but we also don't want to overcharge ourselves either, so we've come up with following system. Sorry for inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding!

All items are sold with a base shipping charge - significant differences in cost are managed via Paypal

We've done most of the heavy lifting estimating shipping costs for you, but they're just estimates. If there's a significant difference in cost in either way, we'll resolve it through Paypal. You'll either receive an invoice from Paypal for the additional shipping costs, or a partial refund from us. Don't have Paypal? No problem! Just contact us and we'll figure out your shipping costs beforehand and personally handle the transaction so that the shipping costs reflected in your bill are accurate the first time around.

We only ship via UPS

  • 1. UPS tracks a package through its entire transit, up to delivery, providing protection against a package going missing en route and becoming permanently lost
  • 2. UPS delivers to a person and requires a signature, protecting both the buyer (from having their package stolen from their front door area) and the seller (from buyer claims of having never received the delivery)
  • 3. UPS guarantees on-time deliveries
  • 4. UPS automatically insures packages up to $100 for no additional cost, with a small escalating charge for amounts above $100
  • 5. UPS is (generally) cheaper than USPS, especially for long-distance shipments

All items are packaged with exacting care and due diligence

We're all collectors and hobbyists here, so we appreciate the care taken into packing a box. We do our best to package all of your purchases so they arrive to you in the condition they left us. We always ship with UPS insurance, but the first step we take is to pack and pack well.

Here's us shipping a poster:
The poster is still unopened in the original packaging. I have wrapped the item in paper, then surrounded it with three over-sized wooden doweling pieces to help protect it from being bent or suffering impact damage on either 'end'. The item is then wrapped in layers of bubble-wrap to help protect it from impact to any 'face'. The entire wrap is packaged in a rectangular box with newsprint to keep the item completely stable and unmoving.