Adventures of Superman (2013 series) #01-5 [SET] — Volume 01: Faster Than a Bullet


Some of comics' top creators take on the Man of Steel in this collection of stand-alone Superman stories! 

Don't miss the Man of Steel's battles with Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Brainiac, Zod and more!



Collecting issues # 1-5. 


Adventures of Superman (2013 series) #1
By Jeff Parker / Jeff Lemire & Chris Samnee / Jeff Lemire.
“Violent Minds”, “Fortress” and “Bizarro's Worst Day“
Don’t miss the debut of this all-new series starring The Man of Steel, written and illustrated by some of comics’ finest talents!  Witness Superman’s first encounter with the work of Lex Luthor, brought to you by Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee!  Also, Bizarro has his worst (best?) day ever, penned by Justin Jordan with art by fan-favorite Riley Rossmo!  Plus, from the mind of Jeff Lemire comes Superman vs. Brainiac!  Or is it Luthor?  Or Zod??   Find out in this month's issue!
Adventures of Superman (2013 series) #2
By J.M DeMatteis & Giuseppe Camuncli / Sal Buscema.  Joshua Hale Fialkov & Joelle Jones.  Michael Avon Oeming / Bryan Glass & Michael Avon Oeming.
“The Bottle City of Metropolis”, “Slow News Day” and “Best Intent”
Comics’ finest talents have assembled to bring you all-new, non-continuity short stories featuring the Man of Steel himself — SUPERMAN! This month’s issue features a super artist lineup featuring the work of Michael Avon Oeming, Joëlle Jones, and Giuseppe Camuncoli with Sal Buscema!
Adventures of Superman (2013 series) #3
By Matt Kindt & Stephan Segovia.
“Faster Than a Bullet” 
A day in the life of the world’s greatest Super Hero!
Adventures of Superman (2013 series) #4
By Dan Abnett / Andy Lanning and Tom DeFalco & Wesely Craig & Various.
“A Day in the Life”, “The Deniers!” and “Savior”
Join comics’ finest talents as they celebrate The Man of Steel himself: Superman! This issue features The Last Son of Krypton in timeless tales of truth and justice, featuring appearances by Lex Luthor and Brainiac! Plus: A meteor that’s headed straight for Earth!
Adventures of Superman (2013 series) #5
By Nathan Edmondson &Yildiray Cinar and Kyle Killen & Pia Guerra.
“Infant in Arms” and “The Way These Things Begin”
When an alien baby crashes on Earth, Superman must protect the screaming infant from her pursuers both human and extraterrestrial! Plus: a Lex Luthor tale like you’ve never seen before.