Agents of ATLAS (2009 series) #06-11 [SET] — Volume 02: Turf Wars


Former FBI and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jimmy Woo just wants to make the world a better place.

As the leader of the secret empire begun by Genghis Khan, Woo wants to use that considerable might and power for good.

Yet the real challenge is to assert control over the business side, as the ATLAS Foundation is also one of the world's largest criminal organizations.

With the help of his Agents - Gorilla-Man, M-11, the Uranian, Namora and Venus - Woo must battle mysterious threats from deep beneath the sea, a rampaging Hulk and more.

But the ATLAS Foundation's greatest threat comes from within:

Breathing down Woo's neck is the vicious, calculating dragon advisor Mr. Lao, who has already selected his master's replacement: the equally vicious Temugin...

The son of the super villain the Mandarin!

And as if that wasn't enough, a dangerous foe with a powerful link to Woo's past is challenging his underground empire all over the planet!



Collecting issues #6-11. 



Agents of ATLAS (2009 series) #6
By Jeff Parker & Gabriel Hardman. 
“Secrets of The Deep”  Secrets of The Deep pt 1 (of 2)
Disturbing visions plucked from the malignant mind of Norman Osborn lead the intrepid Agents to the darkest depths of the Atlantic Ocean, where Namora must have words with her infamous cousin - The Sub-Mariner! What happens next shocks her team, who must prepare to say goodbye to their aquatic avenger!
Agents of ATLAS (2009 series) #7
By Jeff Parker & Gabriel Hardman. 
“Mr. Lao is Sleeping”  Secrets of The Deep pt 2 (of 2)
Journey to the Deep!! The Agents and the Sub-Mariner face not only a deadly attack beneath the ocean, but Namor and Namora’s budding relationship is hit with some ugly facts of Atlantean history. Also: what does a Lung Dragon dream? Peer into the most treacherous space imaginable, the ancient and diabolical mind of Mr. Lao!
Agents of ATLAS (2009 series) #8
By Jeff Parker & Carlo Pagulayan.
“Monster Makers”
Jimmy Woo picks a bad time (or maybe a GREAT time) to leave on a personal mission with M-11-- when one of ATLAS' operations comes across something BIG and GREEN and out of control! The Atomic Age heroes meet the original gamma ray giant and learn the meaning of HULK SMASH!!
Agents of ATLAS (2009 series) #9
By Jeff Parker & Dan Panosian.
“Terror of the Jade Claw” pt 1 (of 3)
The Agents of Atlas find themselves racing around the world to rescue their leader! Jimmy Woo and M-11 find themselves under the talons of the most terrible power in China...the deadly- and beautiful- JADE CLAW! With more minions than the Atlas Empire and the more advanced killer robot M-25, it seems nothing can stop her, and Jimmy has now set off war with her organization THE GREAT WALL. Lesson: never look up your ex-girlfriend!
Agents of ATLAS (2009 series) #10
By Jeff Parker & Gabriel Hardman.
“Terror of the Jade Claw” pt 2 (of 3)
There's no enemy quite like a former lover, is there? The gloves are all the way off as Jade Claw and her forces begin assaulting Atlas on every front!
Agents of ATLAS (2009 series) #11
By Jeff Parker & Gabriel Hardman.
“Terror of the Jade Claw” pt 3 (of 3)
The Agents throw everything they've got at the Great Wall, but to no avail. Gorilla-Man is convinced only ONE member of the team can possibly stop the rain of pain...