Alan Moore's Glory (2001 mini-series) #0-2 [SET] — The Seventh Dagger (All Variant Covers)


Much like how Alan Moore wrote Supreme as an allegory for Superman, Glory was intended as his version of Wonder Woman.

Taking the Greek mythology aspect of Wonder Woman and mixing it into Glory's origin.

Alan Moore would also explore magic in this series, much like he did with Promethea. 

Because of the bankruptcy of Awesome Comics in 2000, may of Alan Moore's revamps are left unfinished. 

The Glory stories are the only ones where we can assume Alan Moore addressed with his America's Best Comics' Promethea series. 

There are many debates how much Promethea is based on Glory.

Alan Moore was working on Glory in Avatar press as well in 2001, which continued the Awesome story series by reprinting issue zero and then stopping at issue #2. 

Legal reasons are believed to be the reason Glory had to be canceled once more. 

For that short period in which Moore was working on both Glory and Promethea, the stories were different.



Collecting the 3-issue mini-series, All Variant covers. 



Alan Moore's Glory (2001 mini-series) #0 (Variant Cover - Marat Mychaels)
By Alan Moore & Brandon Peterson.
“The Gate of Tears”
Alan Moore's long awaited Glory has finally come to Avatar and this amazing #0 issue is one you will not want to miss! This full size, full color book features the highly coveted 10 page introduction to the story by Alan Moore and Brandon Peterson along with an all-star art gallery chronicling the key events that have shaped Glory's life.
Alan Moore's Glory (2001 mini-series) #1 (of 2) (Variant Wrap Cover - Marat Mychaels)
By Alan Moore & Brandon Peterson.
“The Seventh Dagger”
Alan Moore is without question the most critically acclaimed and influential writer working in the industry today. His long-awaited Glory series has been eagerly anticipated for years, and now Avatar is releasing it with an all-star lineup of cover artists. This first issue finds the goddess Glory's worrying mother Demeter wondering how her daughter can ever fit in on Earth with the mortals. But her peaceful, perfect island of Thule is troubled by an unexpected visit from Lilith, queen of the underworld, who threatens to strike at Demeter where she is weakest, her daughter Glory! This issue also has "The Origin of Glory", a Golden Age Glory story written by Alan Moore and drawn by Melinda Gebbie! This series features the same intricately crafted plot, world renowned characterization and razor-sharp dialogue that has made Alan Moore so amazingly popular.
Alan Moore's Glory (2001 mini-series) #2 (of 2) (Variant Cover - Matt Haley)
By Alan Moore & Brandon Peterson.
"The End of Delight" and "Tied Down by the Temptress of Torment"
This story focuses on the tarot card 10 of swords, which represents Ruin.  Gloriana wakes up in Gloria's body after a wild night of sex.  Gloriana decides to do some Superhero work before returning Gloria's body to her for work.  The second story is the Glory story that Troy reads after waking up from his wild night of sex with Gloria.  “Tied Down By the Temptress Of Torment” is a Golden Age inspired story with death traps and no knowledge of the feminist movement.