All-Star Squadron (1981 series) #61-67 + Annual #3 [SET] — Origins and Endings


Spotlighting some of the most popular All-Star Squadron members with origin stories. 

Also, be there for the First case and the last annual of the Golden-Age Justice Society of America. 



Collecting issues #61-67 Plus Annual #3.



All-Star Squadron (1981 series) #61
By Roy Thomas & Mike Harris  / Tony DeZuniga.
“The Origin of Liberty Belle”
How did Libby Lawrence go from being an Olympic-Class Athlete to becoming the premiere female crime-fighter of the Golden-Age?  Find out here!
All-Star Squadron (1981 series) #62
By Roy Thomas & Tony DeZuniga.
 “The Origin of The Shining Knight”
He calls himself “Sir Justin”, but who really is The Shining Knight, and does he really weild Excalibur? 
All-Star Squadron (1981 series) #63
By Roy Thomas & Michael Bair  / Mike Machlan.
"The Origin of the Golden-Age Robotman"
Only one man knows what Really Happened to Dr. Robert Crane the night he died... and it isn't Paul Denis!  Not a Robot, he is ALIVE!  Discover the tragic origin of the Golden-Age Robotman.
All-Star Squadron (1981 series) #64
By Roy Thomas & Wayne Boring  / Tony DeZuniga.
“See You in the Funny Papers”
When various villains from the comic strips come to life and start attacking regular citizens, Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle go into action, as do various other All-Star Squadron members. But as they take on the villains, they see them disappear before their eyes and a cartoon face called "Funnyface" appears, taunting them for their efforts before also disappearing...
When an opportunity comes to get the Legendary Superman Artist Wayne Boring to draw comic-strip characters, you JUMP on it! 
All-Star Squadron (1981 series) #65
By Roy Thomas & Don Heck  / Tony DeZuniga.
“The Origin of Johnny Quick”
Tapping the Speed Force with Math!  Discovering a super complex mathematical formula of supposedly higher dimension, Johnny Chambers was able to gain the abilities of superspeed. Inspired by the Flash of Earth-Two and fashioning himself a masked costume and code name, Chambers began his heroic career as impulsive Johnny Quick. Lightning strikes again! 
All-Star Squadron (1981 series) #66
By Roy Thomas & Alan Kupperberg  / Tony DeZuniga.
"The Origin of The Tarantula"
Jonathan Law narrates his own life story. As a child he was interested in writing and detective fiction, science, and spiders. His original costume was based on a rejected design by Dian Belmont for the original Sandman.
All-Star Squadron (1981 series) #67
By Roy Thomas & Arvel Jones / Tony DeZuniga.
 “The First Case of The Justice Society of America”.
The Justice Society of America arrives at the Capitol Building in Washington in response to an emergency summons. F.B.I. director J. Edgar Hoover tells them about an insidious plot by a group of Fifth Columnists to subjugate America from within. He hands each member of the team special orders, and gives them their formal battle cry, "For America – and Democracy!" Each member of the team reads their orders, and then sets out on individual missions.
The Final Issue of the Series.
All-Star Squadron Annual (1981 series) #3 (1984)
By Roy Thomas & Roy and Dann Thomas & Wayne Boring / Rich Buckler and Various.
 "Justice Society of America" 
Just how is it that some of the Justice Society don't seem to age normally?  In a tale of Magic and Revenge, discover that Ian Karkull is not dead, and that Wotan is helping him in a plot to kill the Future Presidents of the United States!