Alpha Flight (1983 series) #01-8 [SET] — Volume 01: Tundra










Exploding from the pages of X-MEN!

Alpha Flight goes solo!

Canada's premier super human strike force, Alpha Flight was brought together by Department H for the greater good of humankind!

A Force created to battle injustice and evil forces across the globe...

Including the Master of the World, Tundra, Kolomaq, Deadly Ernest and Delphine Courtney!

Featuring cameos by the Sub-Mariner, Invisible Woman, Wolverine and Nightcrawler!



Collecting issues #1-8.



Alpha Flight (1983 series) #1
By John Byrne Story & Art. 
Finally in their own Book!  A JOHN BYRNE production. From the pages of  the Uncanny X-Men!  The long-awaited debut of Marvel's Canadian mutant team Alpha Flight is forced to decide what the future holds for them, but not before battling the man-mountain called Tundra. The 48-page introduction to what will be the smash-hit series of 1983.  This is the 1st issue of John Byrne's Alpha Flight. After leaning that Dept. H is shutting down the Alpha Flight program, Vindicator is sure that the team is done for ever.  But a super natural monster name Tundra is unleashed on the Canadian countryside and Alpha Flight is called back into action -- but not by the Canadian Government. Vindicator's wife, Heather, acutally takes it upon herself to call the team back to help Vindicator in the fight. In doing so she also calls in 2 Beta Flight members, Puck and Marrina to help previous Alpha Flight members Aurora, Northstar, Sasquatch, Shaman and Snowbird.
Alpha Flight (1983 series) #2
By John Byrne Story & Art. 
“Shadows of the Past”
Alpha Flight, despite having lost the funding and no longer receiving official sanctioning by the Canadian government, have decided to remain together as a superhero team for sake of protecting their country. 
Alpha Flight (1983 series) #3
By John Byrne Story & Art. 
“Yesterday Man”
Alpha Flight battles against the Master, a being who has kidnapped Alpha Flight member Marrina.  Namor the Sub-Marriner and Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman also arrive to assist Alpha Flight.
Alpha Flight (1983 series) #4
By John Byrne Story & Art. 
Alpha Flight battle The Master to retrieve Marrina , with the assistance of Namor, the Sub-Mariner and Sue Storm, Invisible Woman.
Alpha Flight (1983 series) #5
By John Byrne Story & Art. 
“What Fools These Mortals Be...” 
A Solo Puck Adventure!  Puck recovers from the injuries caused by Marrina. In the hospital he is treated by Doctor Twoyoungman, a.k.a. Shaman.  Puck wakes up in the middle of the night with pain but when he calls the nurses no one was around. Then he finds a strange nurse probably using drugs inside the hospital and decides to investigate.
Alpha Flight (1983 series) #6
By John Byrne Story & Art. 
Snowbird is in a  a Fight for her Life with a Beast called Kolomaq during a White-Out!  This is the story of how Michael Twoyoungman became the Alpha Flight member known as Shaman.
Alpha Flight (1983 series) #7
By John Byrne Story & Art. 
 “The Importance Of Being Deadly”  Deadly Ernest pt 1 (of 2) 
Aurora and Northstar deal with the threat of Deadly Ernest as well as each other. Northstar is worried about his sister double-identity problem, but Aurora is fine with it and doesn't see it as a problem.  In a short, second story, Snowbird's origin is revealed.
Alpha Flight (1983 series) #8
By John Byrne Story & Art. 
“Cold Hands Cold Heart”  Deadly Ernest pt 2 (of 2)
Northstar and Aurora, with the help of newcomer Nemesis continue the fight with Deadly Ernest.