Alpha Flight (1983 series) #25 (A Multi-Title Crossover) [SET] — Volume 04: Betrayal


Concluding John Byrne's legendary run! 

First, Alpha Flight's former leader, Guardian, returns from the grave!

Or does he? 

What's he doing palling around with the villainous Omega Flight? 

And where does the Beyonder fit in?

Finally, when Alpha Flight goes fishing in another dimension, they accidentally hook the Incredible Hulk!

Will the jade giant smash the heroes beyond all repair?

Only the series' new creative team knows!

It's north-of-the-border action just the way you like it!

Beginning with Alpha Flight #29 and Incredible Hulk #314 the Creative Teams Switch Books:

John Byrne takes-over writing and drawing the Incredible Hulk and Mike Mignola moves to draw Alpha Flight. 



Collecting issues #25-28 Plus the Literal Crossover in Incredible Hulk #313. 



Alpha Flight (1983 series) #25
By John Byrne Story & Art. 
“...And Graves Give Up Their Dead...”  Betrayal pt 1 (of 4)
Guardian seems to have returned to life and is back with Alpha Flight!  Wait a Minute... How is THAT possible?
Alpha Flight (1983 series) #26
By John Byrne Story & Art. 
“If at First You Don't Succeed...”  Betrayal pt 2 (of 4)
After a training session with Alpha Flight, The Guardian gets an emergency call coming from The West Edmonton Mall, When they get there Alpha Flight is systematically brought down by former members of Gamma and Omega Flight and it is only until Heather, the Guardian's wife, arrives that we find out who the true culprit behind the attack is.
Alpha Flight (1983 series) #27
By John Byrne Story & Art. 
“Betrayal”  Betrayal pt 3 (of 4)
Alpha Flight continues to battle against Omega Flight. They learn that Guardian is actually Delphine Courtney and a mishap with Shaman's medicine pouch causes Talisman to disappear inside of it.
Alpha Flight (1983 series) #28
By John Byrne Story & Art. 
“Cross-Over”  Betrayal pt 4 (of 4)
The Beyonder! Alpha Flight! Omega Flight! And all of them are against the Hulk! You'll never believe how this saga ends! You'll never believe how this saga begins! But whatever you do, you'll never forgive yourself if you miss "Cross-Over".
Incredible Hulk (1968 series) #313
By Bill Mantlo & Mike Mignola / Gerry Talaoc. 
“Hook, Line & Sinker!”  Betrayal Aftermath
The Beyonder has arrived to the mystical crossroads and has made up his mind to help Bruce Banner. What does this mean for the Hulk? And what does this mean for his protectors Guardian, Goblin, and Glow?