Spider-Man (1963 series) #290 (A Multi-Title Crossover) [SET] — You are Cordially Invited


Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson could not be more different. 

One is an introverted bookworm shouldering the weight of great responsibility...

And the other is a extroverted party animal without a care in the world. 

But when these two come together, sparks fly! 

Come celebrate the marriage of one of comics most enduring icons! 

Not a Dream! 

Not a Hoax! 

Not an Imaginary Story! 

The Wedding of the Marvel Universe is Here!



Collecting issues #290-292 Plus Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 and Marvel Saga #22.



Amazing Spider-Man (1963 series) #290
By David Michilinie & John Romita, Jr.
"The Big Question"
There's something missing in Spidey's life but he can't figure out what. Feeling particularly vulnerable, Peter discovers that his Aunt May has given away a prized childhood possession.  This leads Peter on a road of Discovery that leads him to examine his life and his Priorities.  This leads him to make the Biggest Decision of his Adult Life. 
Peter Parker pops "The Question".
Amazing Spider-Man (1963 series) #291
By David Michilinie & John Romita, Jr.
“Dark Journey!”
Who saw This Coming?  Peter has popped the Question, and MJ has said ...“No”?  It's a good thing there is a Brand-New Spider-Slayer in town to take-out some frustrations on!  The Famous “Parker Luck” is on Full Display in this issue!
Mary Jane gives her Answer.
Amazing Spider-Man (1963 series) #292
By Tom DeFalco & Alex Saviuk. 
“Growing Pains!”
Continued from last issue.  The Spider-Slayer is Back, and it is Definitely New and Improved!  It is time for Peter to learn that he can't do everything by himself, and for MJ to learn that she does indeed have a place in Peter's Life.  The Monumental Moment is Here... MJ says “Yes”! 
Mary Jane says "Yes". 
Marvel Saga (1985 series) #22
By Peter David & Steve Geiger / Jose Marzan, Jr. 
“Will You Marry Me?” 
In honor of the wedding of the decade, MARVEL SAGA sneaks a peek at Spider-Man and his blushing bride-to-be! Witness the stormy saga of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson! It's an official history of everyone's favorite fun-couple!  This issue focuses on Peter Parker's and Mary Jane's relationship, leading up to their wedding.
Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1963 series) #21 (1986)
By David Michilinie / Jim Shooter & Paul Ryan / Vince Colletta. 
“The Wedding” 
Not a Dream!  Not a Hoax!  Not an Imaginary Story!  The Wedding of Peter to Mary Jane!  Featuring too many guest-stars to mention!  The Next Great Chapter in Spider-Man's Life Starts Now!
Peter Parker & Mary Jane Watson are Joined in Holy Matrimony.