Animal Man (1988 series) #10-17 + Secret Origins #39 [SET] — Volume 02: Origin of the Species


Animal Man moves West and moves deeper into the cause of animal rights.

Something else is going on beyond his burgeoning radicalism.

Strange visions of aliens,

People disappearing into strange pencil-like drawings,

And hints of a terrible Crisis lurk around the edges of reality...



Collecting issues #10-17 Plus Secret Origins #39.


Secret Origins (1986 series) #39
By Grant Morrison & Tom Grummett / Doug Hazlewood. 
“The Myth of the Creation”  
So you think you know the Origin of Animal Man?  Think Again!  Grant Morrison is about to Blow Your Mind with the Secret Origin of Animal Man!  This story continues in Animal Man # 10.  Plus: “The Secret Origin of Man-Bat” by Jan Strnad & Kevin Nowlan.
Animal Man (1988 series) #10
By Grant Morrison & Chas Truog. 
“Fox on the Run"  Secret Origins pt 1 (of 3)
The issue opens with a flashback to a silver age Animal Man story where Buddy fought an alien monster, and his hunting partner found another alien capsule similar to the one that gave Buddy super powers. The story then picks up today with Vixen running from an unseen enemy. Vixen arrives on the Baker family doorstep, but when the creatures that have been chasing her finally catch up, it's all out war in Buddy's living room!
Animal Man (1988 series) #11
By Grant Morrison & Chas Truog. 
“Out of Africa”  Secret Origins pt 2 (of 3)
Animal Man and Vixen travel to Africa seeking answers to a deadly mystery...and more of the facts behind his true origins come to the fore.
Animal Man (1988 series) #12
By Grant Morrison & Chas Truog. 
“Secret Origins”  Secret Origins pt 3 (of 3)
Animal Man begins a new chapter in his tumultuous life as his powers and origin are made clear to him and he is able, at last, to reconcile his past with his present.
Animal Man (1988 series) #13
By Grant Morrison & Chas Truog.
"Hour of the Beast" 
In an airport in Africa, Buddy Baker and Mike Maxwell meet for coffee. They reminisce about their battle, nearly a year previous, as their alter egos Animal Man and B'wana Beast, respectively. Mike, however, reveals that he is actually seeking out a replacement, because emotionally, being B'wana beast has become impossible. Buddy decides to tag along.   They head to Tanzania, where Mt. Kilimanjaro and the home of the B'wana Beast are located. There, Mike performs a ritual after drinking his elixir, which helps him pinpoint his successor. Together, He and Buddy head to the new Beast's location.
The Search for the New B'Wana Beast.
Animal Man (1988 series) #14
By Grant Morrison & Chas Truog.
Buddy finally gets home to find his house Animal Man. Something strange is going on here... 
Animal Man (1988 series) #15
By Grant Morrison & Chas Truog.
“The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"
Dane Dorrance and his colleague Jóannes are attempting to stop an annual tradition for the Faroese people, where they slaughter schools of dolphins for fun, rather than for food. The slaughter has grown increasingly violent and sadistic.  Dane is asking for help form Buddy and Dolphin, but should they get involved with a Local Matter? 
Guest-Starring Dane Dorrance of The Sea Devils and Dolphin from Aquaman.
Animal Man (1988 series) #16
By Grant Morrison & Chas Truog.
“The Clockwork Crimes of the Time Commander” 
Animal Man enlists the aid of his Justice League Europe colleagues (including Metamorpho and Elongated Man) to combat the fearsome return of the Time Commander. 
Animal Man (1988 series) #17
By Grant Morrison & Chas Truog.
In an story inspired by PETA, Animal Man tries to save a group of animal test subjects by placing the Animals Above Corporate Interests.  A Major Turning-Point for the Character!