Archer & Armstrong (2012 series) #14-17 [SET] — Volume 04: Sect Civil War (All Regular Covers)


Every enemy. 

Against each other. 

For centuries, the cloak-and-dagger coalition of conspiracies collectively known as The Sect has worked together to bring silent oppression and undercover tyranny to a world that thought it was free. 

But, now after centuries of profit sharing and uneasy alliances, the factions of The Sect are about to erupt into open conflict...

And the only men that can end the insanity are Archer & Armstrong! 

Too bad they're fighting for different sides! 



And will either survive? 

The knockdown, drag-out A&A event of the year starts now...

And no conspirator is safe! 

All of this by New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente and acclaimed artists Khari Evans and ChrisCross! 

Jump into the series that IGN calls "a must read" with an all-new adventure pitching Archer & Armstrong into their biggest battle yet!



Collecting issues #14-17, All Regular Covers.



Archer & Armstrong (2012 series) #14 (Regular Cover - Khari Evans)
By Fred Van Lente & Khari Evans. 
“The Conspiracy”  Sect Civil War pt 1 (of 4)
The true story of the Epic (Fail) of Giglamesh! Original series artist and Harbinger Wars superstar Clayton Henry returns to tell a tale of the early days of the man known as Armstrong! How early? How's ancient Ur sound? For the first time, the 100% true story behind the Epic of Gilgamesh can be told.
Archer & Armstrong (2012 series) #15 (Regular Cover - Clayton Henry)
By Fred Van Lente & Khari Evans. 
“The 3,000-Year Binge”  Sect Civil War pt 2 (of 4)
Archer and Armstrong and Aliens. Oh my! Mary-Maria, Archer's arch-nemesis/love interest/adopted sister is back, ready to take over The Sect - by any means necessary. And what better way to seize control of the secret society of secret societies than by unlocking their most secretive of secrets on the secretest place on Earth? And who but the Valiant Universe's premiere team of conspiracy-busters can possibly stop her? Just when you thought this book couldn't get any weirder, Archer & Armstrong storm Area 51.
Archer & Armstrong (2012 series) #16 (Regular Cover - Clayton Henry)
By Fred Van Lente & Khari Evans. 
“No One Wants To Rule the World”  Sect Civil War pt 3 (of 4)
Caught in the jaws of the Faraway!  General Redacted has laid claim to the greatest secret in a time-lost dimension that's practically built on 'em.  Must be a doozy, huh? Well, it's big enough that Redacted and his army of alien greys (they're small but feisty!) are laying waste to anyone and anything approaches their occupied lands of the Faraway.  Now, it's down to Archer & Armstrong to run the greatest infiltration / liberation / inebriation mission history has ever known, which would be a cakewalk if it wasn't for all the UFOs, hostile natives and, of course, the dinosaurs.  Yup, could definitely do without those dinosaurs.
Archer & Armstrong (2012 series) #17 (Regular Cover - Clayton Henry)
By Fred Van Lente & Khari Evans. 
“Pyramis Scheme”  Sect Civil War pt 4 (of 4)
…and then things got really out of hand!  When the war for the Faraway descends into all-out chaos, can the combined forces of Archer, Armstrong, Mary Maria and a whole mess of dinosaurs be enough to defeat General Redacted and his 500 Shades of Greys?  Also: a horrible revelation is about tear apart the friendship between Valiant’s conspiracy-busting adventurers!  Learn why we may have to re-title this book Archer VERSUS Armstrong right here in the epoch-spanning conclusion of “Far Faraway”!