Avengers (1963 series) #200-205 [SET] — Ultron Undying


The Old Order Changeth! 

It's a Good Thing Too because...

Ultron is BACK! 

The Malevolent A.I. Has a plan to make him Indestructible! 

If the Avengers can possible survive that, there is a New Menace coming from across the Sea...

The Yellow Claw Strikes! 



Collecting issues #200-205. 



The Avengers (1963 series) #200
By Jim Shooter & George Perez / Dan Green. 
 "The Child is Father To...?"
Ms. Marvel undergoes a nine-month gestation period in the span of a few days, completely unaware as to how she got pregnant. She gives birth to a baby boy, which grows to a full adult in hours and begins to assemble a machine.
The Avengers (1963 series) #201
By David Michilinie & George Perez / Dan Green. 
“The Evil Reborn”  Ultron Undying pt 1 (of 2)
Someone or something has stolen high-tech chemical components from SI's research lab! Meanwhile at the Pym's home in New Jersey, a robot breaks in and steals containers of Ad Resin X and Ad Resin Y from Yellowjacket's vault!  Could the two robberies be related?
The Avengers (1963 series) #202
By David Michilinie & George Perez / Mike Esposito. 
"This Evil Undying"  Ultron Undying pt 2 (of 2)
Continued from last issue, Iron Man postulates that a long-time Avengers foe is back! What sinister scheme is Ultron unleashing this time?
The Avengers (1963 series) #203
By David Michilinie & Carmine Infantino / Dan Green. 
"Night of the Crawlers"
The Beast and Wonder Man were not around for the Avengers' titanic battle vs. Ultron last issue. Where were they? Somehow Hank McCoy and Simon Williams have become lost on the streets of Manhattan while walking back to Avengers Mansion! Since the two avengers can't make heads or tails of the streets, they descend into the sewer system to find their home on Fifth Avenue and East 70th Street! But there's something creepy and crawly down in the sewers! A very bizarre encounter awaits Wonder Man and the Beast!
The Avengers (1963 series) #204
By David Michilinie & Don Newton / Dan Green. 
"Claws Across the Water!"  Return of the Yellow Claw pt 1 (of 2)
 A letter marked "Life and Death" arrives in the mail at Avengers Mansion! Who sent the letter? And why? The Avengers have a lot of questions! Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, there's only one definitive answer...the Yellow Claw!
The Avengers (1963 series) #205
By Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson. 
"Shadow of the Claw!"  Return of the Yellow Claw pt 2 (of 2)
The Avengers have returned home following their overseas encounter with the Yellow Claw on his island fortress. But Captain America remains suspicious about the aging villain and his operations in the South China Sea. When one of the Claw's repentant henchmen shows up at Avengers Mansion, Earth's Mightiest Heroes blaze a trail back across the Pacific Ocean to Australia! However, the Bludgeoner, Transformer, and Compressor are lying in wait for the heroes down under!