Avengers Academy (2010 series) #01 (A Multi-Title Crossover) [SET] — Volume 01: Permanent Record


Recruited by Norman Osborn during his Dark Reign, six teens:

Veil, Finesse, Mettle, Hazmat, Reptil and Striker,

Were subjected to torturous training methods to mold them in Osborn's image.

Now, in the Heroic Age, they are enrolled by Hank Pym and his team of instructors...

Including Tigra, Justice, Speedball and Quicksilver...

Into the Avengers Academy!

Told they are the most promising of the new generation of heroes, the troubled team soon learns the shocking truth:

They are instead being monitored to see whether they will unravel and wreak havoc on the Marvel Universe!

Now, it's up to each young adult to decide whether they will join the ranks of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, or instead become the villains of tomorrow.

School is in session, so grab your seat for the critically acclaimed wild ride that introduces the next class of captivating and controversial Marvel legends!



Collecting issues 1-6 Plus the Crossover issue Thunderbolts #147. 



Avengers Academy (2010 series) #1
By Christos Gage & Mike McKone. 
“First Class”  Permanent Record pt 1 (of 7) 
THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! A BRAND NEW ONGOING AVENGERS TITLE BEGINS HERE! Determined to keep the tradition alive, founding Avenger Hank Pym leads a core team of veteran heroes in creating a place where the next generation of Earth's Mightiest can be trained by the greatest of those who preceded them. An institution where everyone who has ever been an Avenger can share their skill, knowledge and experience. The future is in their hands...and in the hands of the six young superhumans chosen to make up the inaugural class. But who are they? And what dark secret will turn their world--and potentially the entire Marvel Universe--upside down by the end of the issue? If you think this is just another teen hero book...the last page shocker will prove you wrong! Writer Christos Gage and superstar artist Mike McKone unite to bring you a bold new era of greatness!
Avengers Academy (2010 series) #2
By Christos Gage & Mike McKone. 
“Gifted & Talented”  Permanent Record pt 2 (of 7)
TIME TO MEET THE AVENGERS ACADEMY TEACHERS! Hank Pym, Quicksilver, Tigra, Justice and Speedball (that’s right, we said Speedball) are here to mentor the next generation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…but is one of the students hot for teacher? Plus: Get a glimpse inside the mind of Finesse, the enigmatic polymath who can duplicate any skill but who finds human interaction the most baffling mystery of all! The return of the walking death machine known as Arsenal! Hints at a student's possible connection with a well known Marvel character! Quicksilver gets old school! All this, and one of the kids makes a Faustian bargain!
Avengers Academy (2010 series) #3
By Christos Gage & Mike McKone
“Boyfriend in a Coma”  Scared Straight pt 1 (of 2)  Permanent Record pt 3 (of 7) 
Guest-starring Norman Osborn and the all-new, all-deadly Thunderbolts! You've heard of "Scared Straight"--when impressionable teens are brought inside a prison to get the harsh truth about criminal life from the inmates themselves. Well, the Academy kids are about to experience it super-villain style...courtesy of Juggernaut and the new Thunderbolts program! But it's another inmate that captures their attention...the man who imprisoned, experimented on and tortured them: Norman Osborn! When The Raft goes into lockdown, are they trapped inside with him, or is he trapped inside with them? Plus: the origin of Hazmat! And guest appearances by Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Valkyrie!
Guest-Starring The Thunderbolts.
Thunderbolts (1997 series) #147
By Jeff Parker & Kev Walker. 
“Scared Straight” pt 2 (of 3) Permanent Record pt 4 (of 7) 
A scared-straight visit from the next generation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes goes horribly wrong and Luke Cage isn't sure which of his Thunderbolts he can count on to regain control of The Raft! Also, can Cage keep objective when he realizes one of the prisoners is the man who once controlled his wife: the sinister Purple Man? Find out in the latest chapter of the book that ToyFare magazine says "can't not be awesome"!  
Guest-Starring the Avengers Academy.
Avengers Academy (2010 series) #4
By Christos Gage & Mike McKone. 
“Fix You”  Scared Straight pt 3 (of 3)   Permanent Record pt 5 (of 7)
"Scared Straight" - the explosive crossover with Thunderbolts - continues! There's a jailbreak at The Raft, the maximum security prison for super villains, and the students of Avengers Academy are caught in the middle! But whose side are they on? Will they help the Avengers put the criminals back behind bars...or has inmate Norman Osborn made them an offer they can't refuse? Also: the origin of Mettle!
Guest-Starring The Thunderbolts.
Avengers Academy (2010 series) #5
By Christos Gage & Mike McKone.
“Fame”  Permanent Record pt 6 (of 7) 
The background of Striker is revealed in this issue. This issue explores his family background and upbringing and his mother's plans for him. Also, an enemy from Hank Pym's past returns to confront him and his new students. With their cover blown how will the public react to the next generation of Avengers?
Avengers Academy (2010 series) #6
By Christos Gage & Mike McKone.  
“I Dreamed a Dream”  Permanent Record pt 7 (of 7)
Reptil is named class leader of Avengers Academy. Can he lead the team and prove himself to his teammates and mentors? Will his teammates' secrets destroy the team before it can even begin?