Batgirl (2011 series) #20 (A Multi-Title Crossover) [SET] — Volume 04 (A): The Ventriloquist


Batgirl struggles to continue fighting crime after the death of her brother, James, Jr.

With her relationships with both Batman and her father strained, Batgirl must face one of Batman's most ruthless villains:

The Ventriloquist.



Collecting issues #20-22 Plus Batman; The Dark Knight #24.1 The Ventriloquist.



Batgirl (2011 series) #20
By Gail Simone & Daniel Sampere & Various. 
 “A Splinter Where My Heart Should Be”   The Ventriloquist pt 1 (of 3)  
There’s no time to catch your breath after last issue’s shocking ending as an emotionally unstable Batgirl must confront one of Batman’s most violent foes: The Ventriloquist!
The First Appearance of Shuana Belzer; The Ventriloquist.
Batgirl (2011 series) #21
By Gail Simone & Fernando Pasarin. 
“Enclosure”  The Ventriloquist pt 2 (of 3)
Batgirl’s chilling battle against the new Ventriloquist continues—but has Barbara gone too far? How can she carry on as Batgirl? What choices will she make, and how will her new, decidedly deadly admirer affect her decision?
Batgirl (2011 series) #22
By Gail Simone & Fernando Pasarin. 
“A Day in the Life of Endless Velocity“  The Ventriloquist pt 3 (of 3)
Following the recent massive trauma she’s suffered, Barbara Gordon tries to move on with her life—without Batgirl!
Batman; The Dark Knight (2011 series) #23.1 The Ventriloquist (Regular Cover - Patrick Gleason)
By Gail Simone & Derlis Santacruz / Karl Kesel.
“A Rising Star of Red”   
The origin of the Ventriloquist is revealed!  One of them has powerful telekinesis and the other is a cold-blooded murderer-but who's the real dummy in this act?
The Origin of Shuana Belzer; The Ventriloquist