Batman (1940 series) #608-619 [SET] — HUSH; The Complete Saga


A story of murder, mystery and romance!

Batman sets out on a simple mission to discover the identity of the mysterious villain wreaking havoc in his life...

A person known only as "Hush".

But Batman ends up facing possibly the most intense case of his life as secrets from his past flood into the present...

And the most notorious villains to ever haunt Gotham City's street attack simultaneously!

Guest-starring The Dark Knight's greatest allies and enemies! 



Collecting the Complete "HUSH" Story-Arc in issues #608-619.



Batman (1940 series) #608
By Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee. 
“The Ransom”  HUSH pt 1 (of 12)
As Batman rescues a boy from mercenary kidnappers, the Dark Knight realizes it was all ran by an unlikely foe-Killer Croc!
Batman (1940 series) #609
By Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee. 
“The Friend”  HUSH pt 2 (of 12)
Lying near death, Batman must turn to the least likely person from the Bat family for help: the Huntress!  Meanwhile, Catwoman continues to hunt down the mysterious individual responsible for wreaking havoc in their lives - a path that leads her back to Poison Ivy.
Batman (1940 series) #610
By Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee. 
“The Beast (In the Mouth of Madness!)”  HUSH pt 3 (of 12)
Even Arkham can't hold Killer Croc, or at least that's what Batman and Amanda Waller want him to believe.  It seems tracking Gotham's most voracious reptile is the only way to find out who stole the 10 million clams.  The problem is keeping Croc contained.  The streets burn in this City of Shadows as Catwoman turns up the heat.
Batman (1940 series) #611
By Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee. 
 “The City (Welcome to the Jungle!)”  HUSH pt 4 (of 12)
Fun in Metropolis!  Catwoman and Batman journey to the City of Tomorrow to track down Poison Ivy.  This capricious couple thinks it has the upper hand but soon finds Ivy has something - or someone - up her sleeve.  And keep your eyes peeled for a mysterious flying hero whose deeds inspired a young Bruce Wayne.
Batman (1940 series) #612
By Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee. 
“The Battle”  HUSH pt 5 (of 12)
The best-selling comic continues with the fight you've waited for, discussed and argued about: Batman vs. Superman, toe-to-toe!  How do you stop the Man of Steel?  Who can outwit the World's Greatest Detective?  What could bring these uneasy allies to the brink of war?  Who will be left standing in a battle that could bring down the city of Metropolis?
Guest-Starring Superman
Batman (1940 series) #613
By Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee. 
“The Opera”  HUSH pt 6 (of 12)
A perfect evening out on the town for Bruce and Selina takes a turn for the deadly when Harley Quinn hits Gotham City.  And if Harley's back, can the Joker be far behind?  Just when you thought Loeb & Lee might have run out of twists, wait until you read the last page! 
Batman (1940 series) #614
By Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee. 
“The Joke”  HUSH pt 7 (of 12)
Batman takes on the villain you've been waiting for: The Joker! One is the Dark Knight...the other is The Clown Prince of Crime.  Batman's oldest foe finally has gone too far, and Batman makes a vow: "Tonight, The Joker dies by my hand!"  For all the crimes The Joker has commited, Batman seeks retribution.  Will the Dark Knight finally do what needs to be done?
Batman (1940 series) #615
By Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee. 
“The Dead”  HUSH pt 8 (of 12)
Don't miss the latest chapter of "Hush," featuring the debut of a brand-new Batmobile! In the aftermath of last issue's stunning climax, Nightwing comes to Batman to find out how - or if - the Dark Knight can continue.  Choices are made that will affect the entire Batman family, and there's no turning back!  Plus, the shocking return of the last person you'd expect!
Batman (1940 series) #616
By Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee. 
“The Assassins”  HUSH pt 9 (of 12)
Jeph Loeb's intricate mystery twists again, as the Dark Knight takes the battle back to his mysterious attacker!  But when the trail leads Batman to Ra's Ah Ghul, is the Dark Knight close to the truth, or again being played in this deadly game? 
Guest-starring Catwoman, Talia and Lady Shiva, three women Batman does not want angry!
Batman (1940 series) #617
By Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee. 
“The Grave”  HUSH pt 10 (of 12)
With just three issues to go, the mystery of "Hush" deepens!  For months, the relationship between Batman and Catwoman has been heating up.  Everyone seems happy about it, except for Robin, the Boy Wonder!  Robin's got some issues with Catwoman and the secrets she knows.   Does Batman's young partner have the stuff to take out Catwoman?   Or will the Cat swallow the little bird?  It all leads up to Batman making the most startling discovery of all...and here's a hint: The story is titled "The Grave!"
Batman (1940 series) #618
By Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee. 
“The Game”  HUSH pt 11 (of 12)
After the shocking revelations of last issue, Batman faces the battle of his life!  But given the betrayals he's discovered, can Batman possibly fight the one person whom he cannot - and will not - fight?  Was this the master plan all along?  Or are there still more twists to come?  One thing is for sure: you can't miss this issue!
Batman (1940 series) #619
By Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee. 
“The End”  HUSH pt 12 (of 12)
The pulse-pounding conclusion to the 12-part "Hush" - who is Hush? Why has this mysterious figure plagued Batman? All the secrets are revealed... and nothing will ever be the same for the Dark Knight!