Blade Runner 2019 (2019 series) #1 (Variant SDCC 2019 "Virgin Art" Cover - ARTGERM)


By Michael Green / Mike Johnson & Andres Guinaldo. 

“Welcome to Los Angeles” pt 1  

Presenting the first comic to tell original, in-canon stories set in the Blade Runner universe!

In the neo-noir city of Los Angeles, 2019, Ash, a veteran Blade Runner, is grappling with a new case: 

A billionaire's wife and child, apparently kidnapped by Replicants for dark purposes...

An all-new ongoing comic series from the pen of Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Michael Green (Blade Runner 2049, Logan, American Gods), with longtime co-writer Mike Johnson (Batman/Superman, Supergirl, Star Trek), illustrated by Andres Guinaldo (Justice League Dark, Captain America).


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