Books of Magic (1990 mini-series) #1-4 [SET] — Introducing Tim Hunter



From Neil Gaiman comes a tale of the dangers and opportunities of youth.

Timothy Hunter could grow to become the most powerful magician in the world!

But does he really want to be?

John Constantine, the Phantom Stranger, Mister E, and Doctor Occult attempt to aid Timothy in choosing his path as they take him on a tour of the magical realms...

But by the time Timothy makes a choice, it may already have been made for him.

Featuring the first appearance of  "TrenchCoat Brigade" and of Tim Hunter.  



Collecting the four-issue mini-series.



The Books of Magic (1990 mini-series) #1 (of 4)
By Neil Gaiman & John Bolton. 
“The Invisible Labyrinth”  
What would you do if you were told you could be the world's greatest enchanter if you chose to walk the path of magic? Young Timothy Hunter has accepted this challenge. His story is told in the new 4-issue limited series, BOOKS OF MAGIC. Enter "The Invisible Labyrinth" as we meet Tim, whom the Phantom Stranger leads through Earth's magical past to encounter Merlin, Zatara, Sargon the Sorcerer and others.
Featuring the First Appearance of Tim Hunter
The Books of Magic (1990 mini-series) #2 (of 4)
By Neil Gaiman & Scott Hampton.
“The Shadow World”  
Tim Hunter's journey through the magical realm of the DC Universe continues as the boy destined to become the next great sorcerer joins HELLBLAZER's John Constantine on a tour of the present where they will encounter the Spectre, Doctor Fate, Zatanna and others.
The Books of Magic (1990 mini-series) #3 (of 4)
By Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess.
“The Land of Summer's Twilight” 
The Queen of Faerie seeks to enslave Timothy Hunter as Dr. Occult takes his turn guiding the boy who might be the world's next great sorcerer through the DC Universe's magical realms, including Warlord's Skartaris, Amethyst's Gemworld, Sandman's Dreamworld...and the depths of Hell itself.
The Books of Magic (1990 mini-series) #4 (of 4)
By Neil Gaiman & Paul Johnson.
“The Road to Nowhere”   
The strange journey concludes as Mister E, the blind occult vigilante, takes young Tim Hunter forward through time, to the end of the universe. There, Tim must decide whether he will become the greatest sorcerer the world has ever known. Guest appearances by Swamp Thing's daughter Tefe, Dr. Fate, Destiny and SANDMAN's sister Death.