Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #13-18 [SET] — Volume 03: Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid


"Sometimes 'Always' isn't very long."

It looks like Jen's finally got everything she wants...

Her crusade against her murderous Uncles is over and done with and she's successfully fended off attacks by everyone from war profiteers to waffle salesmen.

There's just one tiny fly in the ointment:

Detective Elaine Pruitt, Homicide.

Jennifer Blood killed her partner, but didn't quite manage to kill her.

That was a mistake.

Meanwhile, an old flame of Andy's re-enters his life.

For anyone else's family, it'd be the makings of a fairly standard suburban drama.

But this is Jennifer Blood's family.

And she'll do anything she thinks she has to to preserve it.



Collecting issues #13-18.


Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #13
By Al Ewing & Kewber Baal.
“We Do What We Must Because We Can”
After the apocalyptic events of last issue - and the even more apocalyptic events to come - we take a quick break from Jen's story to focus on Detective Pruitt. Who is she? How did she come to be? And should Jen be worried? A guest appearance from superstar deity God makes this the most collectable issue yet!
Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #14
By Al Ewing & Kewber Baal.
“Try Not to Think About it, Andrew Fellows”
Andrew Fellows is a struggling accountant with two kids that are starting to resent him, a marriage that's slowly drifting into the 'loveless' category and an ex-girlfriend who's increasingly on his mind. It's a recipe for a fairly standard suburban drama... except for one thing. Andrew Fellows is married to Jennifer Blood. This will not end well.
Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #15
By Al Ewing & Kewber Baal.
“There's Good in Nearly Everyone”
Jen Fellows will do anything she has to for her family. Jennifer Blood will justify anything she has to for revenge. Eventually, something had to give. This issue: everything changes.
Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #16
By Al Ewing & Kewber Baal. 
“Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid”  Tuesday pt 1 (of 3)
Andrew Fellows has been having a very bad week - so bad he didn't think things could get any worse. But then they got worse. Much worse. And now it's up to his loving wife - aka Jennifer Blood - to do something about it.
Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #17
By Al Ewing & Kewber Baal. 
“A Mess on a Drawing Room Carpet”  Tuesday pt 2 (of 3)
The worst day in the world continues. Jen cleans up her mess and tries to come to terms with her latest difficult decision, while Pruitt goes on the warpath and Laura Thomas rolls back into town to make everything much, much worse.
Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #18
By Al Ewing & Kewber Baal. 
“The Knives and Fists of a Thieves' Kitchen” 
All Jen Fellows wants to do is bury Jennifer Blood once and for all - and she's not the only one. Our third arc ramps up to a shocking climax as Detective Pruitt makes her move, Jen makes another difficult decision and several wrongs don't make a right. You won't believe where we go from here...