Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #19-24 [SET] — Volume 04: The Trial of Jennifer Blood


It's Jessica Blute's first day of incarceration at Las Chacales Women's Correctional Facility...

And, more than likely, her last day alive!

How did this model of suburban domesticity and devoted mother of two end up in such dire straits?

Perhaps her murderous alter-ego, Jennifer Blood, went too far in acting out the ultimate revenge fantasy against mobsters.

Perhaps it has something to do with the ensuing chaos when the trained assassins known as the Ninjettes, renegade police detectives, and meth dealers converged on the quiet town of Revere, New Mexico, to put an end to the vigilante.

What really happened to Jennifer Blood and her children in that southwestern town...

And even if she survives her jailhouse rivals, will she escape the Death Penalty?



Collecting issues #19-24.


Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #19
By Al Ewing & Kewber Baal.
“A Road Too Long to Mention” 
We jump forward in time to find out how Jen's coping. How far will she go to "protect" her family in the aftermath of Tuesday's events? (Seriously, there's got to be a limit... right?) And how far will Detective Pruitt go to get justice for Jen's ever-increasing list of crimes? The new arc begins with a bang!
Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #20
By Al Ewing & Eman Casallos. 
“Storm's A-Comin'” 
Revere, New Mexico, doesn't get many visitors. There's Louis Blue, the meth kingpin, out of his territory. Elaine Pruitt, the homicide detective, out of her jurisdiction. Ray Buwick, the wetworks agent, out of his mind. And of course, the reason they're all there... Jen Fellows, the mother of two. Out for blood...
Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #21
By Al Ewing & Kewber Baal.
“The Trial of Jennifer Blood” pt 1 (of 2)
It had to happen! The trial of Jennifer Blood begins here, as the terrible events that tore apart the town of Revere are laid before the court - and it doesn't look good for Jen! And speaking of things that had to happen - the Ninjettes are back! And this time they're competent!
Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #22
By Al Ewing & Kewber Baal. 
“The Trial of Jennifer Blood” pt 2 (of 2)
The Trial Of Jennifer Blood continues, as we find out more about the apocalyptic circumstances that led to Jen's downfall. Contents may include: The Ninjettes vs. Jen! The increasingly odd Detective Elaine Pruitt vs. Internal Affairs! Ray Buwick vs. A Large Milkshake! Life Imprisonment vs. Execution! (Can we have a phone vote? No? Okay.)
Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #23
By Al Ewing & Eman Casallos. 
“This is the Story” 
We find out the last bloody details of what happened to Revere, New Mexico. Who survived and what was left of them? Meanwhile, Prisoner #060665 - Jessica Blute - is beginning her first day in Las Chacales Women's Correctional Facility. And maybe - just maybe - her last day alive.
Jennifer Blood (2011 series) #24
By Al Ewing & Kewber Baal. 
“My Father, the Monster” 
June 6th, 1965. Samuel Victor Blute is thirteen years old in a time and place that doesn't give a damn about tender years or innocence. And over the course of one long and bloody summer's day, he makes the choice that will define him - and his family - for the rest of their lives.