Justice League (2011 series) #18-21 [SET] — Volume 04 (A): The Grid


These amazing tales lead into "Trinity War"! 

Spotlighting Cyborg, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman!

And the Final Chapter of the Origin of SHAZAM!



Collecting issues #18-21.


Justice League (2011 series) #18
By Geoff Johns & Jesus Saiz and Gary Frank. 
“The Grid”
Cyborg takes center stage as events fall into place for next month’s massive new story arc: “OFF THE GRID”! Also, Batman continues to be question the Superman/Wonder Woman alliance and Aquaman’s future with the League. Plus: The Shazam backup story reveals the origin of Black Adam—and what it means for Billy Batson’s survival!
Justice League (2011 series) #19
By Geoff Johns & Ivan Reis and Gary Frank. 
“War Games”
Who is the one person dangerous enough to use Kryptonite against Superman?
Justice League (2011 series) #20
By Geoff Johns & Gene Ha and Gary Frank. 
The PROLOGUE TO TRINITY WAR continues as a revelation about Batman could destroy Wonder Woman and Superman’s relationship! Plus, in the backup story, the penultimate chapter of the tale of Shazam finds Billy Batson learning the shocking secret of Black Adam!
Justice League (2011 series) #21
By Geoff Johns & Gary Frank. 
“SHAZAM!” Conclusion
THE MARCH TO TRINITY WAR CONTINUES! This is it! Shazam’s origin story concludes in an extra sized extravaganza! As Black Adam threatens to gain control of all magic, Billy Batson learns that in order to stop him, he’ll need help from the unlikeliest of people. But what greater role awaits Shazam in the larger DC universe? And what does the Justice League have to do with it?