Kingdom Come II (1999 mini-series) #1 (A Multi-Title Crossover) [SET] — The Kingdom


Get ready for the sequel to Mark Waid and Alex Ross's classic epic Kingdom Come.

Magog is traveling through time killing every Man of Steel he comes across.

Now it's up to the Kingdom Come versions of Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman, their present day counterparts, and a small group of second generation super-heroes to end this madman's regime of terror.



Collecting the two-issue mini-series Plus the Five Crossover one-shots and the Prelude Story in New Year's Evil: GOG one-shot. 


New Year's Evil: GOG (1998 one-shot) #1
By Mark Waid & Jerry Ordway / Dennis Janke. 
“The Road to Hell”  The Kingdom Prologue
New Year's Evil - out of the pages of Kingdom Come. Minister William constructs a house of worship to the Kingdom Come Superman, but a meeting with his 'god' proves to be most enlightening in "The Road to Hell." Appearances by the Phantom Stranger, Highfather, Shazam (the wizard), Zeus, a Guardian of the Universe. The Prologue to "The Kingdom".
The Kingdom (1999 mini-series) #1 (of 2)
By Mark Waid & Ariel Olivetti. 
“Never-Ending Slaughter”
Gog marches back through time, killing Superman anew every single day!
The Kingdom: Kid Flash (1999 one-shot) #1
By Mark Waid & Mark Pajarillo / Waldon Wong. 
“Quick Fix”
Her name is Iris Allen and she is the fastest girl alive. After the U.S.A lost Kansas, parts of Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri the world worked hard to make the world a utopia. Iris spends her days delivering meals to the elderly as well as trying to get in touch with her father (Wally West) and make him see she is right to claim the Mantle "Kid Flash"
The Kingdom: Son of The Bat (1999 one-shot) #1
By Mark Waid & Brian Apthorp / Mark Farmer. 
Ibn al Xu'ffasch resurrects Brainiac, Ra's al Ghul and Luthor and gives them 1 hour to pool their collective genius to save reality.
The Kingdom: Offspring (1999 one-shot) #1
By Mark Waid & Frank Quitely. 
Offspring struggles with the fact that he'll never be taken seriously because of his powers and the fact that Plastic Man is his father.
The Kingdom: Nightstar (1999 one-shot) #1
By Mark Waid & Matt Haley / Tom Simmons.
“Not So Gently”
Nightstar and Robin take on a crazed Manotaur aboard Green Lantern's space station.
The Kingdom: Planet Krypton (1999 one-shot) #1
By Mark Waid & Barry Kitson. 
Rose, a waitress at Booster Gold's theme restaurant, isn't the only one who sees ghosts and strange artifacts there, as Batman is similarly affected.
The Kingdom (1999 mini-series) #2 (of 2)
By Mark Waid & Mike Zeck / John Beatty. 
“Mighty Rivers”
The secret of Hypertime revealed! The Kingdom Come versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman team up with their present-day counterparts to take on Gog!