Orion (2000 series) #01-5 [SET] — Volume 01: The Gates of Apokolips


A Never-Ending battle between a Father and Son with the fate of the Universe in the balance.

Raised from birth to be a warrior, Orion has spent a lifetime opposing his father, the maniacal godlike Darkseid.

But when the Evil despot discovers the secret to ultimate power, the scales are tipped and the brutal and ruthless anti-hero must find a way to bring down his father!

Or watch as the malicious tyrant takes over the entire universe.



Collecting issues #1-5. 



Orion (2000 series) #1
By Walter Simonson Story & Art. 
“O Beautiful for Spacious Skies...” 
Taking the adventures of Kirby's brooding New God and member of the JLA in exciting new directions, ORION starts with a bang (or maybe a "BOOM!") as the title character seeks the truth about his being the son of Darkseid. In the incredible first issue, Orion confronts his mother, Tigra, about her claim that he is not truly Darkseid's child. Refusing to believe her words, he seeks the counsel of others, traveling to the heart of the Source and then to the darkness of Apokolips for answers. But the one who would know best, Darkseid, is nowhere to be found because, unbeknownst to Orion, he is wreaking havoc on Earth, taking over a city in the heartland of America as part of his voracious quest for the Anti- Life Equation!
Orion (2000 series) #2
By Walter Simonson Story & Art. 
“...For Amber Waves of Grain!”
The JLA's deadliest member confronts Darkseid!  Darkseid's taken-over an entire Midwestern town in hopes of discovering the Anti- Life Equation! This town is just like your hometown, except everyone is under the strict control of Apokolips. Come to think of it, that may be like your hometown, too!
Orion (2000 series) #3
By Walter Simonson Story & Art. 
“For Purple Mountain Majesties...”
From the start, the ongoing ORION series has proven that writer/artist Walter Simonson has a keen mastery of the characters that populate the "Fourth World" created by comics legend Jack Kirby. But that's not to say that Simonson is the only person capable of handling those iconic figures and, beginning with ORION #3, the magnanimous Simonson begins sharing the spotlight in backup features written by him and others and illustrated by some of the rest of the best artists the comic-book field has to offer. And to start things off right, the backup story in ORION #3 is drawn by none other than Frank Miller! The 6-page story tells the incredible, not-for-the-faint-of-heart story of Orion's fierce and horrifying birth, revealing details of Orion's mother Tigra's treachery against Darkseid and Darkseid's own, unforgettable revenge against mother and son alike. Future issues are planned that will feature other stories of Orion and his fellow New Gods, illustrated by an array of artists that includes Dave Gibbons, Howard Chaykin, Erik Larsen, and many more!
Orion (2000 series) #4
By Walter Simonson Story & Art. 
“Above the Fruited Plain...”
Darkseid and Orion must confront each other for a final time...but will it be as father and son? Secrets are revealed and tensions mount as we build to next issue's unforgettable battle between the most powerful of the New Gods. Plus, in a backup story, “Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down....”, illustrated by Dave Gibbons, the luminous Lightray must try to go unnoticed on a secretive journey to Apokolips.
Orion (2000 series) #5
By Walter Simonson Story & Art. 
“Day of Wrath”
A full-length battle between Orion and Darkseid by writer/artist Walter Simonson! It's the battle of the New Gods readers have been demanding as father faces son in unrestrained combat! Only one of these warriors is going to walk away from an epic conflagration the likes of which you've never seen before!