Power Pack (1984 series) #18 (A Multi-Title Crossover) [SET] — Volume 03 (A): This Kursed Earth!


Four super-powered siblings in the middle of New York City!

See Power Pack face challenges ranging from their mom taking ill to attacking Morlocks at the Thanksgiving Day Parade to being kidnapped by aliens!

Plus: the threat of the Beyonder!

Guest-starring Thor, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the New Mutants, Wolverine, and Cloak and Dagger!

With the biggest surprise ending of all!



Collecting issues #18-21 Plus the Crossover issue Thor #363. 



Power Pack (1984 series) #18
By Louise Simonson & Brent Anderson / Bob Wiacek. 
“Kurse!”  This Kursed Earth pt 1 (of 2)   A Secret Wars II Cross-Over
The creature known as Kurse, in it's quest to get revenge against Thor, has arrived in New York City. Nothing can stand in the creatures way. As it easily fights through the NYPD, young Franklin Richards sees the Damage in his Dreams. What is worse, Franklin also sees that the creature will soon menace his friends in the Power Pack!
Guest-Starring Thor and Beta Ray Bill
Thor (1962 series) #363
By Walter Simonson Story & Art. 
“This Kursed Earth!”  This Kursed Earth pt 2 (of 2)  A Secret Wars II Cross-Over
Buried under tons of rubble from a collapsed building, the powerful creature known as Kurse may be defeated but he is far from dead...
Guest-Starring Power Pack
Power Pack (1984 series) #19
By Louise Simonson & Brent Anderson / Bob Wiacek. 
“Guess who's Coming to Dinner?”  This Kursed Earth Aftermath 
Thanksgiving with the Heroes.
Guest-Starring Cloak and Dagger, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde & Beta Ray Bill
Power Pack (1984 series) #20
By Louise Simonson & Bob McLeod. 
“Turning Point”  Limbo with The New Mutants  
 A group of demons kidnaps Katie to use her in a spell to take Manhattan into Limbo.
Power Pack (1984 series) #21
By Terry Austin & Brent Anderson / Terry Austin. 
“The Great Goo-Gam Treasure Hunt”   Guest-Starring Spider-Man
The Power kids go to the mall to attend an autograph session by popular children book author Jesse Wilcox Jones, who is signing copies of her newest book about "The Goo-Gam Gang". Of course, nothing goes Easy for The Power Pack!