Power Pack (1984 series) #27-28 [SET] — Volume 04 (A): Whoose Power?


The Pack is back!

Marvel's youngest super-team and Franklin Richards are Back from Space!

Bu they must grow up quickly when they get caught up in the Mutant Massacre and break into Avengers Mansion!

Not to mention mastering a new set of powers! 

Guest-starring the Fantastic Four, The X-Men and X-Factor!



Collecting issues #27-28. 



Power Pack (1984 series) #27
By Louise Simonson & Jon Bogdanove / Al Gordon. 
“Whose Power...?”  Whose Power pt 1 (of 2)   A Mutant Massacre Tie-In. 
Now Home and and Safe, the Power Family tries to relax with some TV. When the news reports a story of X-Factor capturing Mutants, it doesn't sit well with the kids. When awakened by a Psychic Distress call from Leech, the Power Pack descends once again into the Morlock Tunnels!
Guest-Starring The Morlocks, X-Factor, The Marauders and Wolverine
Power Pack (1984 series) #28
By Louise Simonson & Terry Shoemaker / Hilary Barta. 
“The Breakfast Club!”  Whose Power pt 2 (of 2)
After their dealings with the Mutant Massacre, the kids decide to see if Franklin's parents have returned home. Despite Franklin telling them how to turn off the alarms, they set off the Avengers Mansion Security! What will Happen when The Powers meet The Richards?