Power Pack (1984 series) #33-36 [SET] — Volume 04 (C): The Master Mold


The Power Pack and Franklin Richards clash with the New Mutants and tackle an enormous Sentinel!

Good thing the maniacal Madcap is on hand to lighten things up!

Guest-starring the New Mutants!



Collecting issues #33-36. 



Power Pack (1984 series) #33
By  Louise Simonson & Jon Bogdanove / Hilary Barta. 
“Special Effects!” 
When Power Pack learns that Sunspot feels too insecure to rejoin the New Mutants, they come up with what they think is a foolproof plan: They'll pose as super-villains and let him "capture" them!
Guest-Starring The New Mutants
Power Pack (1984 series) #34
By Howard Mackie & Larry Alexander / Tony DeZuniga. 
“Child's Play”  Power Pack meets Madcap!
When Katie and Franklin get bored, they go out looking for something to do. But they get more than they bargained for when they meet up with the zany Madcap!
Power Pack (1984 series) #35
By Louise Simonson & Jon Bogdanove / Hilary Barta. 
“Life or Death!”  The Master Mold pt 1 (of 2)
Power Pack fights the Master Mold! Even with super-powers, can a bunch of kids defeat a Super-Sentinel?
Power Pack (1984 series) #36
By Jon Bogdanove & Jon Bogdanove / Hilary Barta. 
“The Twelfth”  The Master Mold pt 2 (of 2)
The Master Mold sentinel is back and in New York City, and only Power Pack stands between him and the potentially most powerful mutant of all time — Franklin Richards!