Prisoner (1988 mini-series) #1-4 [SET] — Shattered Visage


The authorized sequel to the cult TV series!

THE PRISONER: SHATTERED VISAGE continues the saga of number Six, the British secret agent who was condemned to life in the clandestine prison known as the Village.

Years after the Village was destroyed, the infamous agent still resides in its former location, attempting to deal with the emotional scars of his past.

But when a luckless female agent is washed ashore on his island, the Prisoner realizes that it is not only his mind that is still imprisoned.

Featuring an overview of the entire television series, this book of intrigue and conspiracy offers the final chapter in the life of the most famous prisoner of all time.



Collecting the four-issue mini-series. 



The Prisoner (1988 mini-series) #1 (of 4)
By Mark Askwith & Dean Motter. 
"book a: a(r)rival"
This is the Arrival. A British secret agent resigns from the organization without explanation. The next thing he knows, he's kidnapped from his apartment and awakens in The Village. He's become Number Six. THE PRISONER. Since The Prisoner debuted on British television in 1967, the series has become a cult classic. First released in the U.S. on CBS-TV in 1968, the 17 episodes can still be seen in syndication and on video cassettes. Now, DC Comics brings you a 4-book Prestige Format mini-series looking at the story of Number Six and The Village - 20 years later. An agent who resigns her post with MI-5 for reasons left unstated finds herself diverted from her solo voyage by sea around the world, stranded on a remote beach...and then she enters The Village, deadlier than ever. What secrets will she find? What secrets will she reveal?
The Prisoner (1988 mini-series) #2 (of 4)
By Mark Askwith & Dean Motter. 
“book b: by hook or by crook"
The new Prisoner finds herself trapped in The Village where she becomes a pawn in the 20-year-long life-and-death struggle between the original Number Two and Number Six. Will she succumb to their machinations...or will she escape, "By Hook or By Crook"?
The Prisoner (1988 mini-series) #3 (of 4)
By Mark Askwith & Dean Motter. 
"book c: confrontation"
A confrontation 20 years in the making occurs between the “New” Number 6 and Number 2 in the Village.
The Prisoner (1988 mini-series) #4 (of 4)
By Mark Askwith & Dean Motter. 
“book d: departure"
The battle between Number Six and Number Two reaches an explosive conclusion as new light is shed on the events of the original Six's escape from The Village.