Psi-Force (1986 series) #01-5 + Annual [SET] — Volume 01: The Hour of The Wolf


It's a world not unlike our own.

Words like paranormal or super-hero are euphemisms only used in comic books and movies.

That was until the White Event! 

In one blinding moment the landscape of the universe changed.

Welcome to the New Universe.

Neither KGB nor CIA was a match for the power of PSI in the New Universe!

Gathered together by the mysterious Emmett Proudhawk, five paranormal teenagers struggled against government operatives, renegade super-humans and, most importantly, each other!

Born with Amazing Powers!


Astral Projection,


Psychic Empathy,

and Psionic Detonation!

All merge to form something even greater:

The Psi-Hawk!

But who he is - and isn't - may be a secret that makes or breaks the team!

It's intrigue and action, eighties-style!



Collecting the Complete Run by Comics Industry Legend Mark Texeira in issues #1-5 Plus the Annual #1. 



Psi-Force (1986 series) #1
By Steve Perry & Mark Texeira.  
“Hour of the Wolf!”   
Emmet Proudhawk is a telepath who was hired by the C.I.A. to find a bunch of teenage kids who have all been known to have a psychic ability. He would find them , but on his routine follow up, Proudhawk would discover the children dead. Wanting to save as many as he can, Proudhawk stays one step ahead of the C.I. A. and is able to rescue five of the kids. In hopes that together they would have a chance to survive.
Featuring the First Appearance of Psi-Force
Psi-Force (1986 series) #2
By Steve Perry & Mark Texeira.  
The five kids who make up Psi-Force team try to make it back to the sanctuary while carrying Emmet Proudhawks body. They soon find out that they are being chased by both the local and federal authorities.
Psi-Force (1986 series) #3
By Steve Perry & Mark Texeira.  
The gang goes to school for the first time together. A kid sees them summon the Psi-Hawk, and attacks them later on the next day.
Psi-Force (1986 series) #4
By Steve Perry & Mark Texeira.  
“Going Home”
Kathy figured how to beat the Psi-Hawk and go back home, b theut Psi-Hawk has been making the others miserable as a result.
Psi-Force (1986 series) #5
By Steve Perry & Mark Texeira.  
“The Touch”
A new paranormal, Thomas Boyd, has been discovered. He is sent to capture and, if needed, to kill Psi-force.
Psi-Force Annual (1986 series) #1 (1987)
By Steve Perry & Mark Texeira.  
After receiving some of Emmett Proudhawk's old things, the origins of each of the Psi Force kids are revealed through flashbacks.