Scarlet Spider (2012 series) #16 (A Multi-Title Crossover) [SET] — Volume 03: The Big Leagues


Kaine goes head to head with Bruiser and the Hand!

But when long-simmering mysteries start coming to light, everything changes for Houston's newest hero.

Mysteries come to light as a threat from Mexico comes for Aracely, the girl Scarlet Spider saved in issue ONE.

An old foe of Spider-Man's returns, the mutant werewolf CARLOS LOBO...

And he's not alone!

What is the secret of Kaine's new powers?

How did he come back to life?

The answers begin here!



Collecting issues #16-20 Plus the Crossover issue Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2. 



Scarlet Spider (2012 series) #16
By Christopher Yost & Koi Pham.
““A Good, Old Fashioned Rodeo” 
In the wake of Superior Spider-Man, the world has learned to fear the Spiders!  When terrorists attack one of Houston's most famous landmarks, Kaine's ready to put that fear to use!  Yost & Pham continue year two of the world's most dangerous super hero!
Scarlet Spider (2012 series) #17
By Christopher Yost & Carlo Barberi. 
“Wrath” pt 1 (of 3)
Chris Yost, Kaine and the Scarlet Spider family welcome superstar artist CARLO BARBERI to the book -- and it's just in time for SCARLET SPIDER vs. WOLVERINE! Kaine owes a favor to the Assassins Guild... one murder. And guess who they want dead? Hint: SNIKT!
Guest starring the faculty and students of the Jean Grey School, aka the X-MEN
Scarlet Spider (2012 series) #18
By Christopher Yost & Carlo Barberi. 
“Wrath” pt 2 (of 3)
Kaine and Logan... best friends? Or deadliest enemies? Find out as a thousand assassins descend upon them. What are the world's greatest killers afraid of? Who is the Red Death? Chris Yost and Carlo Barberi continue the Scarlet Sentinel's journey!
Scarlet Spider (2012 series) #19
By Christopher Yost & Carlo Barberi. 
“Wrath” pt 3 (of 3)
Superstar artist Carlo Barberi's first arc on Scarlet Spider might be Kaine's last as the Red Death comes for everyone. Has Kaine made a deal with the devil? No, not Mephisto. More Scarlet Spider and Wolverine action than you can shake an adamantium claw or spider stinger at.
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up (2013 series) #2
By Christopher Yost & Marco Checchetto. 
“Sibling Rivalry” pt 1 (of 2) 
Because you demanded it! Parker versus Parker! The Superior Spider-Man Versus Scarlet Spider!  Kaine has come to New York to check on Peter's 'superior' behavior, not realizing Doc Ock has taken over Peter's life. But Ock sure knows who Kaine is...Kaine, the man who once KILLED Doctor Octopus. And now it's payback time.
Guest-Starring The Scarlet Spider
Scarlet Spider (2012 series) #20
By Christopher Yost & Chris Burnham. 
“Sibling Rivalry” pt 2 (of 2) 
Scarlet Spider has come to New York City to check on his 'brother' Spider-Man! But their reunion has been interrupted by an army of mutant spider-clones! Can Spider-Man and Kaine put aside their differences to deal with the Jackal?
Guest-Starring The Superior Spider-Man