Shadow (1987 series) #07-13 [SET] — Volume 02: The Seven Deadly Finns


Throughout the decades, The Shadow has served as a timeless agent of justice, bringing death and disaster to tyrants and criminals alike.

During the decadent 1980s, this mysterious Master of Men faced perhaps his deadliest opponents yet:

The Seven Deadly Finns, a crime family gripping New York City in a stranglehold.

When The Shadow's network of agents applies pressure to their vast operations, the Finn brothers push back, enlisting serial killers and terrorists into their ranks.

The violence escalates, leading to an explosive confrontation atop the Empire State Building and a shock ending which no one - not even The Shadow - could know!



Collecting tissues #7-13.



The Shadow (1987 series) #7
By Andy Helfer & Marshal Rodgers / Kyle Baker. 
“Harold Goes to Washington” 
The Shadow races to save President Reagan from a most unlikely assassin!
The Shadow (1987 series) #8
By Andy Helfer & Kyle Baker. 
"Seeing Red"  Seven Deadly Finns pt 1 (of 6)
Introducing the Prong Murderer — New York City's most infamous serial killer! Driven by a sinister voice from inside his mind, this fearsome opponent is cutting a bloody swath through the Big Apple… directly on a collision course towards The Shadow. Meanwhile, the Finn crime family grips the city in a stranglehold, and The Shadow's agents begin to show dissension in the ranks!
The Shadow (1987 series) #9
By Andy Helfer & Kyle Baker.
“Fool for a Client"  Seven Deadly Finns pt 2 (of 6)
As the shockwaves of the Prong murderer's deadly spree through the dark alleys of New York spread, the Finn crime family grows increasingly paranoid about their control over the city's vice. Meanwhile, The Shadow and his agents begin their assault on the gangsters' operations.
The Shadow (1987 series) #10
By Andy Helfer & Kyle Baker.
“Fool's Parade"  Seven Deadly Finns pt 3 (of 6)
Bad guy Artimus Finn helps serial killer Larry Gross and a number of other mental health patients escape from the psych ward.
The Shadow (1987 series) #11
By Andy Helfer & Kyle Baker.
“Prime Time"  Seven Deadly Finns pt 4 (of 6)
It's "Prime Time" for the Shadow and his men as a black-out crime wave creates chaos for the Shadow and all of Manhattan.
The Shadow (1987 series) #12
By Andy Helfer & Kyle Baker.
“Dark Shadows"  Seven Deadly Finns pt 5 (of 6)
Meet Ma Finn...the deadliest mother of them all. How deadly is she? Deadly enough to kill one of the Shadow's agents.
The Shadow (1987 series) #13
By Andy Helfer & Kyle Baker.
“Finale!"  Seven Deadly Finns pt 6 (of 6)
This storyline comes to a most unexpected conclusion...and it may be the end of the Shadow, as well!