Captain Action (2008 Series) #0 (Variant "B" Modern Cover - Mark Sparacio)


By Fabian Nicieza & Mark Sparacio. 

“The Right Man for the Wrong World”

The super spy master of disguise is back again for the first time!

Led by the original Captain Action, the A.C.T.I.O.N. Directorate fought the Red Crawl for decades.  The alien threat was thought long vanquished, so no one notices when Earth is conquered. 

Literally, no one notices!

He wakes up to learn the father who fired him is dead, and the job he never wanted is his.  He has to save a world that doesn't know it needs saving.  He has to reclaim his identity while impersonating others.  He has to become the very thing he tried his entire life to avoid - Captain Action!

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Captain Action (2008 Series) #0
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