Spectre (1992 series) #00-5 [SET] — Volume 01 (A): Crimes and Judgements


Prepare for the Greatest Run of Spectre Stories Ever Told!

Discover the True Origin of the Spectre, the Most Powerful being in the DC Universe...

Now Retold and Re-defined!

The Spectre is an Archangel of The Lord, the bearer of the Wrath of God, Bonded on a Human Soul!

The Spectre roams the Earth on a mission to confront Evil and Avenge the Un-Avenged Dead as a Form of Divine Vengeance.

Bound at The Soul to Jim Corrigan as penance for his Earthly sins, The Spectre must not only oppose Evil, but it also come to an understanding as to Why men commit it.

This is going to take some time...

As for Corrigan, he must exist as a walking Dead Man, little more than a place for The Spectre to "Rest".

While this existence is detestable to him, he is unable to Free himself. 

Only after he completes this metaphysical journey will Corrigan's mortal soul will be freed...

And another will be called upon to undertake this holy mission of Redemption...

as The Spectre! 

This New Re-imagining of one of the Original Golden-Age Character is thought-provoking in the way it uses a super-powered entity to explore philosophical and theological issues of morality.



Collecting issues #0-5. 



The Spectre (1992 series) #0
By John Ostrander & Tom Mandrake. 
"The Temptation of the Spectre"
Secrets of the Spectre's past are revealed in this compelling tale. For a thousand years, only a single soul has successfully eluded the Spectre's fury, merely to die and be reincarnated over and over again. Now the Spectre faces that soul for the final time. But when the dreaded Spirit of Vengeance begins to pass his terrible judgment, the soul makes the Spectre an offer: he will reveal the Spectre's ancient, hidden origins and show him that Jim Corrigan is not the first to wear the Spectre's shroud!
The Spectre (1992 series) #1
By John Ostrander & Tom Mandrake. 
"Crimes of Violence"
Before his brutal gangland slaying turned him into the ghostly seeker of vengeance known as the Spectre, Jim Corrigan was a tough-as-nails plainclothes cop in the blood-spattered 1930s. Catching the bad guy was his only concern, and guilt or innocence was something for the courts or God to decide! Now...the Spectre still walks the Earth. Jim Corrigan is the focus for the anger of unavenged murder victims and doesn't care if evildoers repent, only that they are punished! When he discovers that the criminal he faces in the first issue is the man who murdered Jim Corrigan fifty years earlier, the Spectre's vengeance is fearsome to behold!
The Spectre (1992 series) #2
By John Ostrander & Tom Mandrake. 
"Crimes of Passion"
The Spectre is hot on the trail of a murderer who killed Jacqueline Connelly. While her spirit is reliving her death over and over again. Meanwhile Amy Beitermann is hot on the trail of finding out who Jim Corrigan really is.
The Spectre (1992 series) #3
By John Ostrander & Tom Mandrake. 
"Crimes and Punishments"
Amy learns the terrible secret of Jim Corrigan as the Spectre consumes her in his cloak, forcing her to behold his fearful origins!
The Spectre (1992 series) #4
By John Ostrander & Tom Mandrake. 
"Crime and Judgment"
Jim Corrigan is DEAD - long live the Spectre! But some dark forces drive this spirit of vengeance to exact his dread retribution. And now Amy and Corrigan must survive a look into one another's pasts.
The Spectre (1992 series) #5
By John Ostrander & Tom Mandrake. 
"A Rage in Hell"
A gang of kidnappers dies a horrible death, taking the whereabouts of their hidden victim to their fiery graves. The desperate cops have no clues and less hope, but they do have the Spectre, who will pursue the secret even beyond the grave.
Ranked as #38 on Wizard Magazine's "100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born" list.