Spider-Man (2018 series) #32 A Multi-Title Crossover [SET] — Volume 07: 2099; The Fight for the Future (All Regular Covers)


The future is in danger!

Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, is back in the present day...

And he needs to find Peter Parker!

But since Miguel's being held in an off-the-books Roxxon prison, that's easier said than done!

He needs a plan, and fast!

Because his mysterious return to the here and now threatens his entire future!

From the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN comes an epic that threatens the far-flung world of 2099...

And its greatest heroes!

Conan the Barbarian... Trapped in a futuristic world he never made!

The Punisher... Fighting a war on crime in the streets of Nueva York!

Miguel "Spider-Man" O'Hara... Facing his destiny!

And Ghost Rider... Wreaking vengeance in the city that never stops!

Plus: Alchemax has the cure for what ails you... And its name is Venom!

But will the future know a new Fantastic Four?

In an era where everything has changed, there is one constant:


Meanwhile, J. Jonah Jameson has a new scheme...

And the modern-day Spider-Man has his hands full with classic villains, family problems and international incidents!

As the web-slingers of two eras see their troubles converge, the fate of everything may rest with Peter, Miguel and...

Victor Von Doom?!

What villain could be so heinous to call for a Doom and Spidey team-up?

And what does it all have to do with Silver Sable?  



Collecting the Complete Story-Arc contained in Amazing Spider-Man #32-36 Plus the essential one-shot Tie-In issues: 2099 Alpha and Omega, Fantastic Four 2099 #1, Conan 2099 #1, The Punisher 2099 #1, Ghost Rider 2099 #1 Venom 2099 #1, Doom 2099 #1 and Spider-Man 2099 #1, All Regular covers.



The Amazing Spider-Man (2018 series) #32 (Regular Cover - Patrick Gleason)
By Nick Spencer & Patrick Gleason. 
“Running Late”  2099 Prelude pt 1 (of 2)     
THE FUTURE IS IN PERIL!  As seen in ASM #25, Miguel O'Hara is back in the present and NEEDS to get to Peter Parker.  But as he's currently being held in an off-the-books ROXXON prison, this is easier said than done.  And J. JONAH JAMESON has a new scheme which means one thing-- TROUBLE FOR SPIDER-MAN!
The Amazing Spider-Man (2018 series) #33 (Regular Cover - Patrick Gleason)
By Nick Spencer & Patrick Gleason. 
“Point Blank”  2099 Prelude pt 2 (of 2)     
THE FUTURE IS IN PERIL!  Miguel O'Hara's mysterious return to the present threatens his life and his entire future. But why?  As for OUR time's Spider-Man, he's got his hands full with classic villains, family problems and international incidents that intertwine in terrifying ways!
2099: Alpha (2019 one-shot) #3 (Regular Cover - Patrick Gleason)
By Nick Spencer & Viktor Bogdanovic. 
“2099” pt 1 (of 12)  
80 years ago, the Marvel Universe was born. 80 years from now, will it die?! THE FUTURE IS IN PERIL! Events of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN have been leading to this for months. Something is happening in 2099 that spans Nueva York and beyond and will shake up the official Marvel Future forever. This is not a drill!
The Amazing Spider-Man (2018 series) #34 (Regular Cover - Patrick Gleason)
By Nick Spencer & Patrick Gleason. 
“Target: Doom”  2099 pt 2 (of 12)  
Spider-Man 2099's present is our crumbling future.  But what chance do we have relying only on Peter Parker, Miguel O'Hara and... Victor Von Doom?!  That's right, Doctor Doom guest stars in the Mighty Marvel Manner, but what villain is so heinous that Doom and Spidey are on the same side?!
The Fantastic Four 2099 (2019 one-shot) #1 (Regular Cover - Toni Infante)
By Karla Pacheco & Steven Cummings. 
“2099” pt 3 (of 12)  
THE FUTURE BELONGS TO DOOM!  Heroes may be no more, but the legacy of Earth's greatest family lives on against impossible odds. But as this new quartet of champions takes on the mantle, what does it mean to be called Fantastic Four in a future ruled by Doom?
Conan 2099 (2019 one-shot) #1 (Regular Cover - Geoff Shaw)
By Gerry Duggan & Roge Antonia. 
“2099” pt 4 (of 11)  
EONS FROM HOME, THE BARBARIAN BATTLES THE CIVILIZATION OF 2099!  In the far flung future of 2099, will barbarism finally triumph over an endangered civilization?  When CONAN THE BARBARIAN entered the Marvel Universe with the SAVAGE AVENGERS, he stayed to conquer and claim his kingship in modern times.  Now cursed by a mystic to live beyond his years, when Conan's new kingdom is threatened, he swings his blade once more!  But as the calamity in 2099 bears down on his secluded realm, will the future shock unseat the barbarian king?  An unforgettable chapter unlike anything you've ever seen in the saga of Conan!
The Punisher 2099 (2019 one-shot) #1 (Regular Cover - Patrick Zircher)
By Lonnie Nadler / Zac Thompson & Matt Horak. 
“2099” pt 5 (of 12)  
The future has arrived, but world peace certainly hasn't! In fact, with the streets of Nueva York more crime-ridden than ever, who will rise up to defend the vulnerable population from the corruption? Looks like it's up to Punisher 2099 to clean up the block - the only question is, who's behind the mask?  Don't miss out on your glimpse into the future from rising stars, LONNIE NADLER & ZAC THOMPSON!
The Amazing Spider-Man (2018 series) #35 (Regular Cover - Tony Daniel)
By Nick Spencer & Oscar Bazaldua. 
“Doom's Day”  2099 pt 6 (of 12)     
Spider-Man. Doctor Doom. 'Nuff said?  NO WAY! The Chameleon has insane plans that have put all of NYC (and the very future of the universe!) in danger, and only Spider-Man can save the day.  All he has to do is convince Doctor Doom to help him. Uh-oh.
Ghost Rider 2099 (2019 one-shot) #1 (Regular Cover - Valerio Giangiordano)
By Ed Brisson & Damian Couceiro. 
“2099” pt 7 (of 12)  
SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE OVERDRIVE!  It's the city that never stops! Welcome to Transverse City, where everything's for sale-if you're fast enough to take it!  Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane was just your average keyboard cowboy until he shocked with the wrong people and got murdered-life's a glitch, ain't it?  Now, with a second chance from a higher power and an advanced weaponized automaton, Zero will punish those who have spilled innocent blood!
Venom 2099 (2019 one-shot) #1 (Regular Cover - Clayton Crain)
By Jody Houser & Francesco Mobili and Geraldo Borges. 
“2099” pt 8 (of 12)
WHAT IS VENOM 2099?  Welcome to the future, where the cure for what ails you is at your fingertips with ALCHEMAX! Our industry-leading pharmaceutical department (HELP) is providing consumers with (FREE ME) the bleeding-edge technology you've come to know from our (SAVE ME) products with VENOM, our all-cure drug. Trials begin (DON'T LET THEM DESTORY ME) this December!
Doom 2099 (2019 one-shot) #1 (Regular Cover - Tomm Coker)
By Chip Zdarsky & Marco Castiello. 
“2099” pt 9 (of 12)  
THE FUTURE IS DOOM!  In 2099, everything has changed. Technology has changed. Governments have changed. People have changed. But only one thing has remained the same...DOOM.
Spider-Man 2099 (2019 one-shot) #1 (Regular Cover - Viktor Bogdanovic)
By Nick Spencer & Ze Carlos. 
“2099” pt 10 (of 12)  
Miguel O'Hara is a rising star at Alchemax, but his world is about to come crashing down!  The future of the Marvel Universe is about to die and the world needs a hero.  As Miguel faces a destiny he's tried to run from all his life, the secrets of 2099 begin to unravel here.
2099: Omega (2019 one-shot) #1 (Regular Cover - Patrick Gleason)
By Nick Spencer & Gerardo Sandoval. 
“2099” pt 11 (of 12)  
THE FUTURE ENDS HERE!  Run by Doctor Doom and bereft of heroes by design, 2099 is a rough place.  All power and no responsibility, the world is in trouble and no one is helping. Is there truly no hope?
The Amazing Spider-Man (2018 series) #36 (Regular Cover - Tony Daniel)
By Nick Spencer & Oscar Bazaldua. 
“Time After Time”  2099 pt 12 (of 12)    
New York City is covered in Doombots and things are looking bleak for Spider-Man.  What does all of this have to do with Silver Sable?  And can she help Spider-Man save the city and the future?