Talon (2012 series) #07 (A Multi-Title Crossover) [SET] — Volume 02: The Fall of the Owls


As a young performer with Haly's Circus, Calvin Rose was secretly being raised to be a master assassin!

A Killing machine called a Talon.

But when Rose defects from the Court of Owls' ranks, he is marked for Death!

Now, Rose returns to Gotham City following the horrors of "The Night of Owls" to investigate what remains of the Court...

But will he be able to gain his freedom at last?



Collecting issues #7-11 Plus the Crossover issues Birds of Prey #21 and the Tie-In issue Batman and Robin #23.2 The Court of Owls. 



Talon (2012 series) #7
By Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV / Guillem March.
A new series featuring the Court of Owls’ unstoppable killing machine! Meet Calvin Rose, the only Talon ever to escape the grasp of the Court of Owls. This former assassin just wants to live a normal life...but that’s impossible, since he’s being hunted by his former masters!
Talon (2012 series) #8
By James Tynion IV & Miguel Angel Sepulveda.
“Don't Be Afraid of the Dark”  The Claws of the Court Prologue
After many years on the run, Calvin Rose returns to Gotham City to investigate the fallout from "Night of the Owls"! Can the Court of Owls finally be defeated? Could Calvin have the one thing he’s been seeking his entire life: his freedom?
Birds of Prey (2011 series) #21
By Christy Marx & Scott McDaniel and Romano Molenaar / Jonathan Glapion. 
“Talon vs. Talon”  Claws of the Court pt 1 (of 2)
What is THE TOMB OF THE UNWORTHY? How might the surviving members of The Court of Owls use it to destroy Calvin Rose once and for all? Introducing an assassin even more dangerous than Talon!
Talon (2012 series) #9
By James Tynion IV & Miguel Angel Sepulveda. 
“Uneasy”  Claws of the Court pt 2 (of 2)
Talon’s secret history in Manhattan is explored while Calvin Rose searches for an important figure from his past. Plus, what is the mysterious organization that has ties to Talon?
Talon (2012 series) #10
By James Tynion IV & Miguel Angel Sepulveda. 
“All Sorts of Fun”
Talon battles his past and future in New York! Things are getting tense for Calvin Rose as he tries to escape New York without losing the reason he left the Court of Owls in the first place. But standing in his way is one of the Court’s most lethal weapons!
Talon (2012 series) #11
By James Tynion IV & Szymon Kudranski. 
“True Strength” 
The Talon vs. Felix Harmon, a.k.a. The Gotham Ripper! The bank heist goes terribly wrong. Who will make it out alive—and who is already dead?! The Talons secret hideout is in danger—and so are all the people in it!
Batman and Robin (2011 series) #23.2 The Court of Owls (Regular Cover - Patrick Gleason)
By James Tynion IV & Jorge Lucas. 
“Exquisite Dread” 
Batman uncovers more clues about Calvin’s mission in Gotham City…but will he stop The Talon or support him? Secrets are revealed about Sebastian Clark that could endanger the lives of everyone Calvin cares about!