Wicked + The Divine (2014 series) #39 Specials [SET] — Volume 08: Old is the New New (All Variant "B" Covers)


Modernist poets.

Godly Romantics.

What really happened during the fall of Rome?

And the Lucifer who was a medieval nun...

Also includes the delights of the WicDiv Christmas Annual and the Comedy Special. 



Collecting all six of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE's essential Specials, including the CHRISTMAS ANNUAL and THE FUNNIES, All Regular covers!  (This arc fits in continuity between issues #39-40), All Variant "B" covers. 



Wicked + Divine (2014 series) Special (2016) 1831 #1 (Variant "B" Cover - Stephanie Hans)
By Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie. 
“Modern Love”   
"MODERN ROMANCE" Critically-acclaimed THE WICKED + THE DIVINE goes back to the nineteenth century, to see what became of the Romantic poets one infamous night on Lake Geneva... Showcasing STEPHANIE HANS.
Wicked + Divine (2014 series) Special (2017) 455 AD #1 (Variant "B" Cover - André Lima Araújo)
By Kieron Gillen & André Lima Araújo. 
“City of God”    
Nothing lives forever, be it man, god, or empire, but that doesn’t mean you have to go quietly. Join us as Lucifer refuses to fiddle while the Roman Empire burns. The critically acclaimed THE WICKED + THE DIVINE inevitably vandalizes history as it turns to the Sack of Rome. Showcasing the epic art of ANDRÉ LIMA ARAÚJO.
Wicked + Divine (2014 series) Special (2017) 1923 AD #1 (Variant "B" Cover - Aud Koch)
By Kieron Gillen & Aud Koch.
“And Then There Was One...”
Basically, a bunch of 1920's gods based on major modernist figures stuck in the middle of an Agatha Christie murder mystery, done in a comics-prose hybrid that's clearly trying to start a fight with JONATHAN HICKMAN. (Yeah, you heard, Jon. Come at us, bro.) It's high art versus lo art, with the most beautiful AUD KOCH artwork the world has ever seen. We're so excited, we may have to have a lie down.
Wicked + Divine (2014 series) Annual (2017) Christmas Annual (Variant "B" Cover - Kris Anka)
By Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie / Kris Anka. 
“Summer Loving” Plus More!  
JAMIE said "It's a shame we never saw any of the gods' early funtimes," and KIERON said "Yeah," and then they looked at each other, and then called all their talented friends to do a Christmas album of (mostly) fan service! Inanna and Baal getting it on! Lucifer and Sakhmet getting it on! Dionysus giving Baphomet a lift in a crappy car! And more! This one has it all. 
Wicked + Divine (2014 series) Special (2017) 1373 AD #1 (Variant "B" Cover - Ryan Kelly)
By Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie.
“The Transubstantiation of Lucifer”  
The final THE WICKED + THE DIVINE historical special plunges into the shadow of life after the Black Death. KIERON GILLEN gets back together with THREE collaborator RYAN KELLY to tell the story of penitent nun Lucifer hearing the confession of penitent murderer Ananke. Yes, everyone will be sorry.
Wicked + Divine (2014 series) Special (2018) The Funnies #1 (Variant "B" Cover - Margaux Saltel)
By Kieron Gillen & Hamish Steele. 
“The Wicked + The Canine” Plus More!
Every ninety years gods are reborn as dogs. They are good dogs. They are very good dogs. In two years, they may have learned how to sit, which is one of several (count 'em!) stories in this special. As THE WICKED + THE DIVINE prepares for its final arc, we invite a bunch of friends over, pass out the fizzy pop and sherbet and have a lovely time. Join us!